Dean Van Dugteren, CoZ developer and CEO of nOS, a NEO powered operating system, has expanded on the requirements for participating in the nOS pre-sale in a recent update.

Only contributors to the nOS codebase and the teams/developers building a dApp on nOS will qualify for the pre-sale. However, non-developers may also participate in the pre-sale by creating a team and logging their contributions using Github Gists. Participants can find team members through nOS’s Discord channel or its nOS Networking Megathread on Reddit. It’s advisable to share one’s contributions frequently in the nOS #develop Discord channel.

Additionally, dApps are required to have a repository on GitHub with a reviewable commit history. The project code must be under the MIT license, and active Discord participation is required.  Only team members who made significant contributions to a dApp will be eligible for participation in the public pre-sale.

nOS also defined what codebase contributions will qualify team members for pre-sale access. To begin, all contributions must be both descriptive and productive. Users who submit a single line of code or gists with vague descriptions will not be taken into consideration. All contributions must also follow the nOS Contribution Guidelines. Team members can contribute to the created Github issues through the “Community Issue” tag and by submitting a pull request. After the pull request is reviewed and the contribution is merged into a branch, the contribution will count as valid. If there are no “Community Issue” tags to review, one can create their own issue by contacting the nOS team in the nOS Discord #develop channel. One can read through the nOS contributing guide that covers the above processes.

The deadline for the dApp submission will be announced 1 to 2 weeks before the actual deadline. Participants will have until May 31st to submit their projects for review.

It should be noted that these requirements apply to the pre-sale only. During the nOS public sale, there will be no special requirements besides KYC/AML unless otherwise stated.

Dugteren also updated the NEO community on the progress of its platform. The updates included the creation of the Community Issue label for participation in its presale and the nOS API npm package for easier and broader implementation of the nOS Javascript libraries. The repositories for the nOS React dApp Starter Kit were also posted.

Some new client features were also introduced. The nOS Protocol & Resolver was introduced to let developers use the built-in URL class to parse queries to nOS developers. The protocol also supports dApps referencing images, sources, and other third-party files stored via the nOS protocol. Additional integration for third-party browsers is underway that will allow users to open nos:// links within Chrome and Firefox. Another client feature is the ability to transfer funds from within the application (currently an open pull request).

As the final part of the update, nOS is considering integrating with Muon, a development framework based on Electron that’s built by the Brave team. The integration will enable a set of Chromium browser features and support a core set of extensions within the nOS client.

Dugteren also attended the NEO Europe Tour to present nOS to audiences in Madrid, Paris, Vienna, and Zurich.

More information on nOS can be found at the below links.