City of Zion have launched their first software bounty program, aimed at bringing new talent into the NEO ecosystem through the targeted development of open source software.

Each software bounty program will consist of an open development brief from City of Zion. The bounty will remain open until two weeks after the first project to meet the bounty requirements has been submitted. This will allow time for anyone who may also be working on a project to submit their work.

The developers of the project that best meets the bounty specifications will receive a reward paid in NEO and GAS, pegged to USD.

For the first software bounty program, City of Zion are asking developers to explore improvements to the dBFT protocol used on the NEO network. CoZ are looking for developers to “develop documented, performant, and well tested code that can be leveraged by NEO nodes in the future to make the network faster. Specifically, this bounty is interested in code implementing an alternative protocol such as HoneyBadgerBFT, BFTRaft , or FastBFT and exploring its performance characteristics.”

A $50,000 reward is on offer for the best implementation.

CoZ note that it is not asking for the community to develop a full consensus node, and is only looking for code that “demonstrates the performance characteristics of many approaches to consensus” and “can be ported and reused in future node implementations.”

Full details on the requirements and specifications can be sound at the below link –