After recently completing an open beta testing phase, O3 (pronounced ‘Ozone’), the first iOS wallet for NEO is now available on the App Store.

You can find it on App Store here –¬†

O3 embraces a hot and cold wallet design philosophy, allowing the user to store the hot wallet private key on the device for every day access, whilst providing the ability to monitor cold wallets in a read only capacity. This gives the user full visibility of all their NEO assets, and minimises the risk that carrying an entire portfolio on a single device entails. Sending transactions and viewing private keys will both require the user to be authenticated by TouchID or PIN code.

In the future, O3 plans to support invoking smart contracts, storing other digital assets and NEP-5 compatible tokens, while making it secure and easy to use for an average user.

O3 is open source and has been added to the City of Zion code library –¬†