Pink Paper is joining the Neo EcoBoost program to bolster support for its decentralized content publishing platform that allows users to tip creators, establish a reputation system, and participate in crowdfunding opportunities. Currently, Pink Paper supports Ethereum, IPFS, Polygon, and Neo N3, and has acquired more than 1,500 users.

Pink Paper allows individuals and communities to publish blog-based content while retaining complete content ownership. By empowering users through decentralized content publishing and hosting, the founding team aims to address censorship issues associated with Web2 entities, such as removing posts or articles from large-scale social media platforms.

Source: Pink Paper

The Pink Paper team aims to empower creators by offering access to new financial paradigms through cryptocurrency-based tipping and crowdfunding opportunities. Users can create accounts by connecting their profile with a NeoLine or MetaMask web browser extension wallet. Additionally, the Pink Paper team seeks to establish a creator fund to incentivize writers. The fund will be distributed according to the engagement driven by the content.

Pink Paper was founded in January 2022 by Rupin Mathur, previously the Chief Marketing Officer for cryptocurrency education platform Finstreet. Finstreet has purportedly onboarded more than 939,000 students and boasts an excess of 4.2 million followers across various social media platforms. At the time of press, Pink Paper has established partnerships for content distribution with Finstreet and Mining Devs. The team aims to gain traction and adopt users by partnering with DAOs, companies, renowned authors, researchers, and local news agencies to host their content on the platform.

Looking forward, NGD will provide the Pink Paper decentralization blogging platform with support and incubation opportunities to help the project enter the market. Additionally, Pink Paper intends to integrate NeoFS into its storage layer.

About EcoBoost

The EcoBoost program launched in 2019, and was initially seeded with US $100 million to focus on recruiting partners. In 2022, the program relaunched with an increased treasury of $200 million and is seeking to assist in onboarding dApps, projects, and teams into the Neo ecosystem. Ultimately, the program is designed to incubate businesses that drive the growth and success of projects utilizing the Neo blockchain.

Once onboarded, members can become eligible for lifecycle support, including funding up to $50,000, technological assistance, community access, marketing support, token listings, stimulation of liquidity, and access to other industry resources. Interested parties can learn more about the application process on Neo’s Eco Support page.

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