Qlink have released version 1.0.5 of their Wi-Fi sharing application. The application allows the registration of Wi-Fi hotspots as digital assets on the Qlink network to enable the P2P transmission of the Wi-Fi password, as well as the ability to set billing terms such as QLC per connection or QLC per hour. Users can then connect to these hotspots through the application and be automatically billed through execution of a smart contract.

The MVP is only available on Android, and the first 500 users to download the app and set up a wallet will receive 1 Test Net NEO. This Test Net NEO can be converted to Test Net QLC within the application so users can test the functionality.

The application can be download from the following link –


Some of the improvement made in version 1.0.5 include –

  • Improved MVP speed and stability
  • Added WiFi Password verification in asset details
  • Included avatar in the profile settings
  • Created an interface for Wi-Fi connections not registered on Qlink
  • Tipping on past Wi-Fi sharing is enabled and accessible from history records in the wallet
  • Automatic retrieval of 1 NEO on the Test Net
  • Corrected typos

Qlink is looking for community feedback to integrate into future updates as they work towards a Main Net release. Thoughts, comments and suggestions are encouraged through the following link – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfiJWVFAkIIcBzF6Bt3_Wvq0Px0pVL–UOBVDR2YP8GTgqQVw/viewform

An update has also been provided on the VPN service currently in development. Qlink announced that they have overcome many of the challenges in developing the P2P VPN functionality, and whilst they acknowledge there is more work to be done, they expect to begin roll out of this feature within the next few week.