The NEO Council have released their January 2018 monthly report. The monthly reports are a round up of all the developments, news and events from within NEO during the previous month.

January was an extremely busy month for NEO, completing a European tour and holding it’s first ever developer conference. The report highlights the enthusiasm seen in the community, especially from developers and start ups, even attracting interest from curious enterprise organisations. January’s events generated many suggestions on ways in which NEO could improve upon on development, some of which are already being applied by both the NEO China and community development teams. NEO are impressed the community is filled with ‘doers’.

Details of some of the progress made on the decentralization process was also included in the report. In addition to improving the voting and consensus algorithms, new consensus nodes have been deployed and voted in on Test Net. City of Zion have set up three servers, one in the United States, one in Australia and one in Switzerland. Dutch telecommunications company, KPN, announced they will be running a consensus node, which has already been set up on Test Net, and it was revealed by Da Hongfei at NEO DevCon that Fenbushi Capital will also be running a consensus node.

The report touched upon some of the talks given at NEO DevCon by NEO team members including, Da Hongfei, Erik Zhang, Malcolm Lerider and Miles Graham, and encouraged readers to watch the videos when they become available online.

To read the full report which contains information on all the above and more in greater detail, you can visit –