Zeepin has today released a progress update announcing that the ZeeRights copyright dApp has successfully passed internal testing and will be available for open beta testing in March. This falls in line with the development roadmap found on the Zeepin website where ZeeRights is scheduled for May completion.

Content creators can register copyright of digital assets on the Zeepin platform and use ZeeRights to manage the rights and licensing of that product. For instance, a photographer may choose to register copyright of an image. Using ZeeRights, the photographer could then sell the ownership of that photo to another user, or they could create specific licensing options based on location, duration and usage type. Using a combination of certificates and value transfer enabled by blockchain, ZeeRights will enable a cost effective and efficient way for creators to protect their work.

Another Zeepin dApp scheduled for March release is Galaxy, which was announced at NEO DevCon on January 31st. Galaxy is described as an ‘entertaining application to explore creativity and offer different possibilities under Zeepin’s ecosystem’.

A Galaxy is a collection of tens of thousands of unique ‘planets.’ To acquire a planet, the user sends tokens such as ZPT or NEO to the Galaxy address, at which point a new planet is created via smart contract. Each planet has an energy called ‘GALA,’ which is passively distributed to the holder of the planet and can be traded for ZPT.

The user becomes the ‘host’ of their planet, which has an exclusive number and can be re-named using Zeepin Name Service (Zed NS). Instead of hash codes, the planet’s name will be represented as the wallet address. Galaxy is seeking to create a more social way to make transactions without using a hash script.

A Galaxy may also be obtained by submitting an application to become a global node on Zeepin blockchain. Owning a node will also reward the host with ZPT and aims to provide creative people worldwide with protection service for their digital assets.

Planets can be traded on the ‘Galaxy store’ where the value of the planet might be increased through daily operations. Future use cases for Galaxy might include instant messaging, an investment platform, an entertainment dApp, along with other opportunities.

Zeepin also announced they have reached an agreement with a top 500 insurance institution to provide services through the ZeeSure dApp, which will allow users to purchase copyright insurance through the Zeepin platform.

More information about Zeepin can be found on their Twitter, Medium, Reddit, or Telegram.