The Rentfuse team has released neo-wallet-adapter, an open-source library to help Neo N3 dApp developers connect with different wallets in the ecosystem. Written in TypeScript, the library provides a number of packages to meet the needs of dApp developers, such as adapters for connecting to NeoLine, O3, and WalletConnect-compatible wallets.

Rentfuse is a protocol that enables NFT owners on Neo N3 to rent out their assets while maintaining ownership control. The neo-wallet-adapter, or NWA, is the team’s first contribution to the available developer tools and resources on N3.

In the NWA core packages, developers will find adapters to make it easy for them to interface with different wallets in the N3 ecosystem. Support is offered for the O3 and NeoLine dAPI variants in addition to an adapter for use with WalletConnect-compatible wallets, such as Neon. Other inclusions in the core are contexts and hooks for React dApps, error types, and other useful utilities.

Alongside the core packages, NWA also includes UI components for use with the Ant Design or React UI frameworks. Next.js-based starter templates are also provided to quickly bootstrap new projects in the ecosystem.

Developers can get started with the NWA library at the link below: