Leif Leiser and Lennart Brandt, Polychain Monsters co-founders, joined Neo Global Development’s AMA series, Neo Live, on Thursday, Nov. 25. Polychain Monsters is a cross-blockchain, play-to-earn game based on NFT collectibles that also incorporates DeFi elements. The collectible, animated character NFTs, called Polymon, each have random attributes that differ in rarity. Polymon are distributed in threes through booster pack purchases, of which portions of fees go to NFT holders that stake their tokens. The project was recently accepted into the N3 Early Adoption Program. 

In the AMA, Leiser and Brandt discussed new gaming revenue models, the mechanics of the PMON token, the Neo N3 ecosystem’s focus on interoperability, how the feature-rich N3 platform simplifies onboarding new hires, upcoming NFT and game launches, and collaborating with other blockchain projects.

The full transcript can be found below:

Panda Skiing (Neo Telegram admin): Hello, I would like to thank the members of the Neo community for joining this AMA event. We are all excited to have Leif and Lennart from Polychain Monsters!

Leif Leiser (Polychain Monsters co-founder and CEO): Hi Panda Skiing. Thanks for the invitation! We are excited to be here. 

Lennart Brandt (Polychain Monsters co-founder and CMO): Totally! Thanks a lot for the invitation.

Q1: What is Polychain Monsters?

Lennart: At Polychain Monsters, we aim to create a cross-chain digital collectible and gaming ecosystem with mainstream appeal. At the core, we offer exquisitely animated NFTs, which can be unpacked from digital booster packs with PMON tokens (1 PMON  = 1 Booster Pack) on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon (soon). 

Each booster pack includes three Polymon with randomly selected traits (i.e., type, color, horn, glitter effect). Each attribute differs in rarity, which makes some combinations extraordinarily scarce and desirable.

With each booster pack opening, a portion of the PMON used for the purchase is permanently burnt, making PMON hyper-deflationary. We’ve already burned more than 10% of PMON’s total supply!

The Polymon will play an integral part in multiple on-chain and off-chain games which are currently under development. They include Polychain Islands and Polymon World.

Polychain Monsters are already being traded on secondary marketplaces such as tofuNFT for over US $100,000. Additionally, the collection gets constantly expanded by special-edition drops alongside partnerships with projects like ChainLink, Elrond, Polygon, and soon: Neo!

Q2: What are Polychain Monsters’ killer features?

Leif: Next to being an NFT and gaming product, Polychain Monsters borrows well-established features from traditional DeFi projects, including staking and our (just launched) PMON farming.

In addition, Polychain Monsters pioneered a unique approach to NFT staking, known as Collector Staking, which enables collectors to earn weekly financial rewards through their Polymon collections based on the project’s booster pack opening rates. This is how we’re incorporating Collect-to-Earn principles into the game.

Some of our top collectors have earned up to $10,000 in a week!

In short: Polychain Monsters is absolutely unique because it blends DeFi, Collect-to-Earn (NFT Staking), and Play-to-Earn (Gaming) across multiple blockchains – and there’s no other NFT product with working digital booster packs on the market right now.

Q3: What benefits does supporting Neo provide you and how do you see Polychain Monsters supporting or promoting the Neo ecosystem?

Lennart: Teaming up with Neo and leveraging the maturity of their sophisticated blockchain ecosystem will help us to onboard the next hundred thousand users to our Polyverse and progress on bringing mainstream adoption to the NFT and Play-to-Earn community.

We were immediately drawn to joining the Early Adoption Program when we learned about Neo N3 and Neo’s commitment to cross-chain interoperability. We believe both of our projects are committed to exploring and pushing the boundaries of today’s blockchain technology.

Smart minds think alike!

Our unique blend of DeFi, Collect-to-Earn, and Play-to-Earn will hopefully spark a new wave of outstanding business innovations in the Neo NFT and gaming ecosystem and enables us to build an even stronger, more diverse, and international community — the basis for improving our products and progressing on mainstream adoption.

Leif: Thanks for the answer Lennart, let me add something.

In my opinion, Neo N3 is the most compelling and feature-rich version of the Neo blockchain. The native multi-language support of Neo N3 allows our versatile development team to utilize one of the programming languages they’re already familiar with and love, massively reducing onboarding time for our team and new hires alike.

So yeah, also regarding the technology, it’s a perfect fit.

Q4: Are there any recent collaborations or developments the Polychain Monsters team has achieved recently?

Leif: We’re doing a lot of collaborations/partnerships! Actually, one per week through our Booster Marketing Campaigns. They are marketing programs that support pre-Token Generation Event and post-TGE projects through a mix of marketing activities and a project’s special-edition Polymon.

Booster Incubation is a marketing program designed to support high-quality projects pre-TGE. This program exposes Polychain Monsters to all the hype created for the participating IDO’s while at the same time immortalizing the partnering project on the blockchain through a fully customized Polychain Monster. As a part of the Booster Incubation, our partners receive our full marketing support alongside a special treasure hunt event. This event enables the lucky hunters to get their hands on these customized Polychain Monsters. These NFTs will have a potentially life-changing utility, as the lucky few who manage to get their hands on them will be eligible to participate in the project’s IDO.

The Booster Partnerships program focuses on efficiently supporting high-quality projects post-TGE. We organize an AMA in our official Telegram channel, promote our partnership on various social media channels and engage with our communities through individually crafted community campaigns. In addition, we design a customized Polychain Monster NFT, which can be in our booster packs and won through different marketing events. This NFT comes with an additional utility, e.g., receiving an airdrop of our partnering project’s native token or feeless trading (like we did on tofuNFT). 

Just recently, we launched Yield Farming for both our partners and us:

Before that, we released Collector Staking (Collect-to-Earn), which proved to be an enormous success:

Q5:  What is on the roadmap for Polychain Monsters?

Lennart: Yes, exciting things are coming! However, we don’t have a published roadmap but instead decided to deliver new features and partnerships every month. 

Leif: Polymon World is 100% owned and developed by our community, and a lot of product improvements are coming in December: A new collection page with advanced filters and the long-awaited Reverse Swap, a mechanism where you can trade in unwanted Polymon for new booster packs. In December, we/our community will also release our first play-to-earn blockchain game Polymon World:

Our website will get a complete overhaul next week. We’ll also launch our product on Polygon shortly after!

And soon, we’ll be playing a first MVP version of Polychain Islands.

In addition, we’ll release the Collector DAO, enabling our community to play a bigger role in all things collect-to-earn.

So yeah, our development is under fire in the moment and we are aggressively hiring. Anyone who is interested in joining the team should free to apply!

Q6: Will your team implement virtual reality into Polychain Monsters?

Leif: VR is definitely interesting for the future, we have some devs with VR and AR experience, but there are no short-term plans.

Q7: Do you have an ambassador program?

Lennart: It’s not officially communicated, but all our Community Managers in our Telegram Groups and Discord have been very valuable community members in the last few months. That’s why we hired them! So, to become an Ambassador, you could help people in Telegram, be supportive and positive. Then, you’ll surely get on our team’s radar. There’ll be an exclusive Polychain Monster NFT for our Community Team too!

Q8: Is your platform global or is there any restriction to certain regions?

Leif: We are active across the globe and our team is also quite international!

Q9: Where users can get the latest Polychain Monsters news?

Lennart: Twitter: twitter.com/polychainmon 

Telegram: t.me/polychainmonsters 

Medium: medium.com/polychainmonsters 

Q10: Where can users purchase PMON tokens?

Leif: A list of all DEXes, CEXes and secondary marketplaces listing PMON can be found at the link below:

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