AfricaN3 has launched the LifeSaver project on the Neo MainNet. The project aims to incentivize blood donations in Africa through the distribution of LIFE NFTs that grant owners entries in raffles to win token prizes. AfricaN3’s first collaboration will be with Action On Blood and the Nigerian Medical Laboratory Science Students Association, which will be an in-person blood drive taking place at the end of February.

Source: AfricaN3


LIFE NFTs are soulbound tokens, meaning that they cannot be sold or transferred from the wallet that minted them. Funds spent to purchase LIFE NFTs are added to a pool and automatically enter the token’s owner into a raffle.

There are three different LIFE NFT archetypes: donor, angel, and fan.

Donor archetypes NFTs are given to those who donate blood, and can only be created by and distributed by the partner organization at the physical blood drive event.

Angel archetype NFTs are given to those who mint LIFE NFTs. Both Donor and Angel archetypes are automatically entered into raffles when the wallet receives the NFT.

Fan archetype NFTs are limited to individuals that donate cryptocurrency to a blood drive, as well as volunteers on the ground who participate in the blood drive campaign. Fan archetype NFTs cannot be entered into raffles and will be minted after the event has concluded.

Each individual blood drive campaign in the AfricaN3 platform is known as an “era” and will coincide with specific blood drive events that will be held in collaboration with local partners.

The era raffle campaigns are officially initiated when a pool reaches 100 GAS from NFT mints or from individual donations. However, the 100 GAS figure is variable and can be changed by the AfricaN3 team.

Looking forward, the AfricaN3 team will host its first blood drive campaign at the University Teaching Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria from 7:00 a.m. (UTC) – 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023.

About AfricaN3

AfricaN3 is based out of Nigeria and is the first Neo-oriented community on the African continent. The community was founded by Neo ecosystem members John Adelakun (aka Kunjon), Mohammed Rabiu (aka Arewa), Deji Sadiq (aka SIDEX), and Dikaysb (who prefers to remain pseudonymous). The founders are employed in various industries, including the legal, medical, design, and programming fields.

In Sep. 2022, the team submitted its first GrantShares proposal to fund the broader community, but canceled a month later after a discussion with DAO members. Following recommendations, AfricaN3 submitted a proposal for the LifeSaver NFT project that was successfully rewarded 730 NEO.

The website to mint a LIFE NFT can be found at the link below: