FindTruman has partnered with Neo to conduct an AI-generated content story-cover competition. Up to 60 participants will share rewards from a prize pool of 500 GAS. The competition is live and is running through Feb. 28, 2023.

FindTruman is collaborating with AIVERSE by using its AI engine to generate Matrix-themed story covers dedicated to the Neo ecosystem. Users can create story cover images by providing text prompts, which generate graphic images using the AI algorithm.


To participate, users must register an AIVERSE Creative Universes account, where they will be given a free trial to make up to five images using the AI-generation tool.

Participants can enter one submission using their AIVERSE account, however those who “bind” their account to a wallet via NeoLine can submit two additional pieces of AI-generated artwork for the competition.

AIVERSE offers up to five free image-generation opportunities for new users. Users can earn additional points for making new images by performing tasks on the platform (i.e., downloading an image, sharing an image via Twitter). Further, users can purchase more points with GAS, allowing them to generate more images.

Participants can place up to ten votes per day on the submissions they like most, with these votes determining the contest winners. Rewards will be distributed accordingly:

  • 1st place: 100 GAS
  • 2nd – 20th place: 10 GAS/person
  • 21st – 60th place: 5 GAS/person

Looking forward, the team intends to develop an AI-driven chatbot to help Neo community members create stories built around the Neo-themed covers.

About FindTruman

FindTruman is a crowd-sourced, whodunit-style game, where players search for clues in a 3D hotel environment to find Truman, the mysterious killer.  The project launched in 2017 and has purportedly grown to be a story-gameplay leader, boasting 30 million users and 100 unique studios that have contributed storylines. In 2022, the team began seeking blockchain-based integrations to address issues associated with content piracy and rewards for content providers.

In May 2022, FindTruman won an excellence award at the Polaris Launchpad hackathon. Additionally, FindTruman became the first project to join the Neo EcoBoost program in 2023.

To make an AI-generated cover, visit the link below: