Neo Global Development has welcomed FindTruman as the first project to join the EcoBoost program in 2023. As part of the partnership, NGD will provide incubation opportunities and other types of support to help the team enter the market.

FindTruman is a crowd-sourced, whodunit-style game, where players search for clues in a 3D hotel environment to find Truman, the mysterious killer. The project launched in 2017 and has purportedly grown to be a story-gameplay leader, boasting 30 million users and 100 unique studios that have contributed storylines. In 2022, the team began seeking blockchain-based integrations to address issues associated with content piracy and rewards for content providers. And in May 2022, FindTruman won an excellence award at the Polaris Launchpad hackathon.

In the next iteration of the game, expected as early as Q3 2023, players will be able to vote on the plot’s direction by using FindTruman Genesis NFTs, which are currently distributed via community campaigns and contests. Additional utility for the FTG NFTs includes staking, priority access to particular areas of the platform, and potential airdrops.

As part of the collaboration, FindTruman will use its AI engine to generate Matrix-themed story covers dedicated to the Neo ecosystem. Users will be able to create story cover images by providing text prompts, which will generate graphic images using the AI algorithm.

Additionally, the team intends to develop an AI-driven chatbot to help Neo community members create stories built around the Neo-themed covers.

Looking forward, the FindTruman roadmap for the first two quarters of 2023 includes developing multicultural stories, collaborating with Web3 communities, creating 40 story gameplays, and more.

About EcoBoost

The EcoBoost program launched in 2019, and was initially seeded with US $100 million to focus on recruiting partners. In 2022, the program relaunched with an increased treasury of $200 million and is seeking to assist in onboarding dApps, projects, and teams into the Neo ecosystem. Ultimately, the program is designed to incubate businesses that drive the growth and success of projects utilizing the Neo blockchain.

Once onboarded, members can become eligible for lifecycle support, including funding up to $50,000, technological assistance, marketing support, token listings, and access to other industry resources. Interested parties can learn more about the application process on Neo’s Eco Support page.

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