Love is in the air!

Neo News Today has airdropped 3 GAS to Neo wallets that both hold a ValeNNTine NFT and are voting for NNT as a council member. ValeNNTine NFTs were airdropped to NNT voters in 2022 as a digital Valentine’s Day card.

The GAS gifts may be considered a thank you to voters who have stuck with us as your choice for the Neo Council for a full calendar year.

NNT as a Council Member

Since becoming a Neo Council member in Aug. 2021, NNT has sought to actively invest portions of node revenue back into initiatives that benefit the community and grow the ecosystem.

NNT has distributed various grants to developers, enabling them to explore new possibilities on Neo N3 and share their experiences. Most recently, US $8,000 in funding was provided to two student groups as a part of Neo’s Decoding Web3 initiative.

Additionally, NNT regularly supports community events and promotions, such as Polaris Plus, Consensus, and Neo’s Community Christmas giveaway, along with distributing tokens directly through our own Discord bot, GasBot. NNT also proactively rewards various grassroots and community contributors that have taken the initiative to create helpful tools or content.

To vote for NNT as a Neo Council member, visit the link below: