Neo founder, Da Hongfei, is scheduled to speak at the BlockDown 2020 virtual conference taking place from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (UTC+2) on April 16th and 17th, 2020. The two-day event proposes to capture an aggregate of 24-hours of content and offer conference-like networking opportunities.

There will be no special equipment (i.e., virtual reality headset) required for individuals to participate. The BlockDown 2020 virtual conference will take place entirely online using the Zoom video conferencing tool, where participants can watch live presentations and join live question-and-answer sessions.

Each registrant will be able to create a unique 3D avatar they can send to a fireside chat or virtual conference hall offering various exhibition booths and 3D conferencing capability. Conference organizer Erhan Korhaliller said:

Think of it like a crypto version of ‘The Sims.’ We want the networking to be as natural as it would be at a real life conference, where you met your best friend at the water cooler, at the afterparty or in the networking/lounge area. Imagine your usual crypto conference, with booths, stands, branded t-shirts, stages and networking areas. This will be exactly the same but will allow attendees to control and direct their avatars to whatever content, speakers and booths they’re interested in.

The event is broken down into eight primary categories for presentations: investment in cryptocurrency, social impact, the gaming industry and blockchain, smart trading in blockchain, the DeFi space, security aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency, privacy, and enterprise blockchain trends for 2020.

The BlockDown 2020 website claims, “every keynote speaker will have illustrated infographics drawn live as they are speaking, ensuring a beautiful shareable takeaway for participants which you can watch in real-time.”

Other notable participants include Erik Vorhees, Changpeng Zhao, Akon, Jed McCaleb, Roger Ver, and Charlie Shrem, among others.

Tickets are now available BlockDown 2020 at US$20 per individual.

Registration can be found at the link below: