Flamingo Finance product lead, Yuan Gao, will participate in an Ask Me Anything to discuss the recent asset flow redesign proposal. The AMA is taking place on the Official Flamingo Discord channel, beginning at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2021.

Source: Flamingo Twitter

Flamingo Improvement Proposal #2 aims to improve asset interoperability and general usability of the platform. The second FIP outlines a major architectural upgrade that will restore the value pegging between cross-chain assets and original collateral assets, and future-proof other potential asset flow design changes.

The vote on FIP #2 began Feb. 1 and will conclude at block 6,886,501, expected to mint on Feb. 8. A quorum of approximately 3.2% of circulating FLM must be used for the vote to reach a decision.

Users with staked FLM will need to unstake their tokens to vote. Flamingo released an FAQ to answer broad questions such as how to vote, passing a proposal, how votes are counted, and more.

At the time of press, roughly 1.06% of the FLM supply has been put to the vote, with the majority voting in favor.

The full Flamingo AMA announcement can be found at the link below: