The Flamingo team announced Flamingo Improvement Proposal #2. The proposal outlines a significant upgrade that will restore the value pegging between cross-chain assets and original collateral assets, while future-proofing the platform for future asset flow design changes.

Neo co-founder Da Hongfei also published an article explaining the new functionality, breaking down how the new design will rectify the platform’s existing issues while setting the stage for DeFi beyond Ethereum.

Developer Groups

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center released an overview comparing the architectural features of NeoFS with decentralized storage system competitor, Storj. The team examined Storj as it is “the closest to NeoFS in terms of the ideology of building services and integration with other protocols.”


Jan. 26, Jarvis released its fortnightly report noting its Twitter account’s reinstatement and optimization of the Jarvis+ chatbot.

Jan. 26, O3 Labs integrated support for the Compound DeFi protocol in the O3 Wallet.

Jan. 27, Switcheo liquidity pools were added to CoinGecko’s list of Top Yield Farming Pools on the market cap website.

Jan. 27, Switcheo announced it is sunsetting the Switcheo Exchange and rebranding to Switcheo Labs. In 2021, Switcheo plans to open-source TradeHub and Demex and pursue a path to complete decentralization.

Jan. 27, Liquefy announced the launch of Liquefy Ventures to “help institutional investors and family offices strategically navigate the emerging cryptocurrency space to capture opportunities in the digital asset ecosystem.”

Jan. 28, O3 Labs integrated support for the Sushi Swap DeFi protocol in the iOS and Android versions of the O3 Wallet. 

Jan. 29, Switcheo submitted TradeHub Improvement Proposal #7, which would upgrade its software to v1.12.0, improve AMM quoting, and reduce block times.

Jan. 29, Nash Link won third place in the crypto category of the Product Hunt Golden Kitty Awards.

Jan. 29, Nash’s head of global business development, Kellogg Fairbank, delivered a presentation at The North American Bitcoin Conference 2021 on Nash’s products and services and how it operates according to European regulations.

Jan. 31, Switcheo announced it will host its first livestream with strategic investor DeFiance Capital on Feb. 5th, and is giving away 5,000 SWTH tokens to participants.


Feb. 5: Switcheo’s co-founder Ivan Poon hosting a livestream to discuss derivatives.