nDapp will hold a Neoverse blind box giveaway in partnership with Neo, with 200 blind boxes up for grabs for community members. 20 boxes a day will be distributed over the course of 10 days. To win boxes, users will need to answer questions about the Neo N3 ecosystem and its usage by finding the answers using nDapp.

The Neo dApp discovery platform nDapp was redesigned and relaunched under the care of Neo News Today last year. The site makes it easy to find Neo projects, track transaction counts, wallet stats, development activity, and other useful information about the ecosystem.

The nDapp x Neoverse event will begin on Tuesday,  Jan. 18. A new question will be released each day for 10 days on the NNT Telegram channel. Users will be able to find the answers to all the questions by exploring nDapp. 10 winners will be randomly selected from those who provide correct answers each day to receive two Neoverse blind box NFTs.

To be eligible for prizes, entrants will need to be subscribed to the NNT weekly mailing list. Answers can be submitted via a Google Form alongside other necessary information such as the submitter’s email address and a Neo N3 public address.

The first question and associated Google Form link will be released tomorrow on the NNT Telegram: