The first round of voting for the Neospective community content campaign is currently live. Through Jan. 22, 2022, anyone is eligible to vote on up to two submissions. Neo Global Development is also distributing a Neoverse blind box NFT to 20 voters at random.

On Jan. 22, NGD will tally the count and put forth a final vote comprising the top four most popular submissions. The second round of voting will take place from Jan. 22 through Jan. 23 via public poll on the official Neo Twitter account.

Neospective is a community campaign designed to drive the adoption and growth of Neo by leveraging the wide range of skills and unique perspectives that community members have to offer. Neospective is described as a long-term content collaboration program aiming to enable another way for community members to engage with Neo and make meaningful contributions. In this round, up to 24 submissions will be rewarded, with the first-place prize of US $600 awarded in NEO.

Readers can vote in the first round via the link below: