On Wednesday, February 27th, the NEO Smart Economy had a presence at the Blockchain Day at the Colorado State Capitol. In addition to 16 local companies, NEO News Today’s Dylan Grabowski and Moonlight’s Tyler Adams staffed tables and spoke with event attendees. The event took place to help Colorado legislators better understand blockchain and its impact on the local economy.

At the event, Governor Jared Polis stated that he seeks to “make Colorado the Mecca for blockchain companies.” Further, he aims “to help make sure that Colorado is truly the national hub for blockchain innovation.”

During his speech, Governor Polis stated his intention to sign the Cryptocurrency Exemption Colorado Digital Token Act, which offers “commonsense exemption to securities laws” through a common set of definitions. The Bill was passed unanimously by both the House and Senate, which Polis exclaimed, “we can’t get these guys to agree on anything, and they all agreed on this!”

Prime sponsors of the Digital Token Act, Senator Jack Tate and Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp, also made speeches proclaiming the benefits of blockchain and enticing companies to locate to Colorado.

NEO, Moonlight, and local projects

In the north and east foyers of the Capitol, the 18 blockchain projects and companies set up tables where event attendees had the chance to roam the floor and communicate with various projects.

Examples of such participants included Moonlight, a digital workforce platform, ShapeShift, a digital asset exchange, and, SALT Lending, a blockchain-based loan platform, among others.

NEO’s table was community led by NEO News Today editor and NEO Colorado founder, Dylan Grabowski. A Senator’s staffer and a variety of individuals from different industries came by the NEO table to learn more about the public blockchain. People who work in the insurance, healthcare, and higher education fields expressed interest in learning more about how NEO could impact their businesses. Further, one attendee is exploring digitizing carbon offset credits and may consider a public blockchain.

Main points of conversation throughout the day included NEO’s focus on the delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus mechanism and its 100% block finality, regulatory compliance, and NEO’s expanding developer community.

In addition to the previous topics of discussion, event attendees also inquired about NEO Colorado and upcoming events. NEO Colorado is a group that hosts informational meetups and engages with the local blockchain community.

To learn more about NEO Colorado events visit the following link:

The three-hour event was able to provide a highly interactive forum for government representatives and the blockchain industry to interact and collectively share the success of a new cryptocurrency bill.