NEO Economy recently launched its NEO Economy Store powered by the O3 dAPI. Users can purchase merchandise from different projects within the NEO Smart Economy using GAS.

The store is accessible through the O3 mobile app or via a desktop browser. As the latest version of the O3 Desktop wallet features operating system integration, users can connect their O3 Desktop wallets to the NEO Economy Store without plugins or browser extensions. The O3 wallet runs as a background process, handling calls from the web browser for user signatures, and is used to authorize or deny transactions.

The dAPI was described by NEO Economy’s founder, Vincent G, as “very easy to use” and “one of the easiest steps in the process” when asked for comment.

Vincent also said that the store’s primary purpose is to make it easy for people to buy NEO-related gear with GAS and to give the token itself an additional use case.

In the future, Vincent plans to expand the number of products offered to “at least one hundred” while also continuing to improve the store’s user experience.

More details about the dAPI can be found here.