On March 9, 2018, City of Zion and Neon Exchange are partnering to host a NEO developers meetup in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is the second NEO developers meeting to be held in Cambridge, and is part of an ongoing series.

The developer-only meetup is part of a strategy to foster existing talent, and to attract new talent to further develop the NEO platform. The event will consist of technical discussion only, and there will not be any discussion focussed on the market or investment opportunities.

The event will take place on Friday evening from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (EST) at the Cambridge Innovation Center, on the Fifth Floor located at 1 Broadway. The facility is near the Kendall Square ‘T’ Station in front of the Microsoft office.

The price is set at $10 per person, and participants will need to present their ID at reception, matching their registration name. Please provide your full name when registering for the developers meetup.

There will be available space at the venue for 100 participants.

The agenda has yet to be finalized, but the rough outline is as follows:

  • Networking with refreshments and appetizers (20 min)
  • How to build a dApp for being a fiat integrator in NEX platform (30 min)
  • How to build a NEP-5 token ICO with blockchain enforced KYC and automated refunds (20 min)
  • Break (10min)
  • TBD (20 min)
  • Q/A and lottery of 5 Ledger Nano S for participants (20 min)

For more information about the event, or to register please visit the following link –