On January 25, 2018, Elastos announced their third and final round of token sales had successfully ended. The smartweb blockchain company had a hardcap of 2,500 Bitcoin for the distribution of 2,000,000 Elastos tokens (ELA).

Elastos is currently tallying the final token sale numbers, running reports, and verifying the accuracy of those reports. The team is confirming information to ensure participants did not over contribute to their individual cap, contribute more than allowable in each of the three rounds, or contributed in rounds in which investors were not eligible to participate. Additionally, an announcement of next steps regarding any remaining ELA allocation is forthcoming.

An email from Elastos to the whitelisted participants stated they will be receiving one additional ELA as a sign of gratitude. The token will be reflected in their Elastos wallet.

However, the final round of the token sale was met with external technical issues, which caused the tracking of some NEO transactions to be delayed. Elastos confirmed the tokens are safe, but the technical issues meant some investors were unable to participate.

There were a little more than 300 participants who were omitted from the final round and unable to receive an allocation. After a community poll, Elastos has decided to give the omitted final round participants a consolation of 10 ELA. This will be a total of 11 ELA for those who faced the technical issues; 10 for the technical issues, and 1 as a general gift from Elastos.

For more information and future updates, visit Elastos Twitter.