On May 23rd, NEO Colorado co-hosted a fireside chat alongside EOS Denver and Ethereum Denver, which was moderated by Denver Blockchain. At the event, panelists shared their experiences in the NEO, Ethereum, or EOS ecosystems, and highlighted similarities and differences between the public blockchains.

In total, about 40 participants from the Colorado blockchain community attended the event. Before the fireside discussion, attendees were able to network as they gathered around snacks and drinks provided by the event sponsors.

Speakers for the event included:

The event kicked off with a brief introduction from each of the panelists, where they discussed their background in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Afterward, Grabowski delivered a short presentation of various tables that incorporated different metrics for comparison. The presentation is available online.

Shields moderated the first hour of the event, asking panelists a series of pre-written questions. Afterward, members from the audience were invited to ask panelists about any topic of their choosing. Questions from the event included:

  • Why are you passionate about your particular platform?
  • What’s the culture and ethic that is prevalent within the different ecosystems?
  • What are some things you don’t know about the other blockchains, but want to learn?
  • How does EOS handle expansion versus its current levels of computing resources?
  • What are some of the latest developments of each blockchain, and what are you excited about in the future?
  • From the user and developer perspectives, how much does it cost to interact within each of the blockchain ecosystems?
  • How is your blockchain incorporating protocol into the network to make privacy more robust?

The full video can be seen below:

Following the event, participants expressed positive feedback.

Shields stated he’d “heard ‘best meetup of the year’ thrown around a few times.” Further, when questioning attendees, the overwhelming majority said they would attend another meetup comparing NEO, Ethereum, and EOS.

The next NEO Colorado event will take place in June 2019.