Magic Cube, a gaming and entertainment ecosystem platform building on NEO, has announced a series of events to promote awareness of its product, including two AMAs and a live online game show that offers participants a chance to win token prizes or access to an exclusive IEO.

Magic Cube is a Los Angeles based company that “uses blockchain technology to surpass unfair institutional environments and drive network effects among users, with the goal of creating an entertainment ecosystem that fairly rewards producers and consumers of content.” The company has been in operation for three years, having published 23 games and claiming over 15,000,000 registered users.

Magic Cube is developing its own Cube Kit SDK which aims to provide game developers with a means of launching Game Token Offerings (GTO) to fund development. Tokens will become tradable on the Magic Cube exchange once the in-game utility has been provably developed.

Five game tokens are currently available for trading on the Magic Cube exchange. Further, CEO Rudy Rong told NEO News Today in February it was working with Middle East social network SOMA to push out a slot game, and was on-boarding Magic Soul, an SLG card game that had already achieved 100,000 downloads on Google Play at the time of talking.


Magic Cube will be holding two AMAs on Wednesday the 29th of May. The first will be held on the BitMart Telegram channel at 5:00pm PST, while the second will be held on the NEO subreddit at 6:00pm PST.

The team stated: “With so many new developments taking place, we wanted to give you all the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have regarding our project, why we chose to build our platform on NEO, our vision for the future of gaming, or anything else you may be curious about!”

Live Game Show & IEO

Following the AMAs, Magic Cube will be hosting a live question and answer style game show at 7:00pm PST, offering participants a chance to win token prizes or gain access to an exclusive MCC token initial exchange offering (IEO).

The game show will take place on the BitMart platform and consists of 12 questions. Answering questions correctly allows participants to proceed further into the competition with claimable prizes available in the latter stages.

Participants who correctly answer questions 10 through 12 will receive an even share in the following prizes:

  • Question 10: 10,000 MCC tokens
  • Question 11: 250 RMB
  • Question 12: 2,500 BMX tokens

Participants who answer all 12 questions correctly will also be granted access to a game show exclusive IEO, allowing for the purchase of MCC tokens at an exchange rate of 1 ETH for 87,500 MCC. The IEO has a hard cap of 100 ETH, plus any remaining unsold tokens from a 100 ETH capped Chinese language-based game show IEO held a few days prior.

The IEO will begin immediately after the conclusion of the game show and purchases can be made in ETH or via credit card. KYC is not required to take part in the game show or win token prizes, but users must have a BitMart account and have passed KYC to take part in the IEO.

Full details on the game show and IEO can be found at the following link:

Magic Cube CEO Rudy Rong’s interview with NEO News Today from DevCon 2019 can be found below: