The first NEO Blockchain Toronto community meetup,“Genesis Block 0”,¬†is being held on March 14. The event is being organised by Michael Herman, a NEO and Ethereum developer, software veteran and former Microsoft employee. Michael is also the author of the NEO Blockchain Quick Start Guide for .NET developers.

NEO Blockchain Toronto is a non-profit, community-based Meetup group for blockchain developers and architects interested in designing and creating Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) (aka blockchain) solutions using the NEO Blockchain platform.

The agenda is as follows –

1. Introductions
2. What is NEO?
3. Why NEO?
4. The best resources for coming up to speed as quickly as possible
5. NEO Blockchain Quick Start Guide for .NET Developers

The meet up will be held at the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence in Toronto, which is about a 10 minute walk (West) from the York University subway station (University-Spadina line).

For anyone interested in attending, you can find full event details and RSVP at the following link –