O3 Labs, creator of the O3 Wallet, has released a video detailing the NEO enhancement proposal to create a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) standard for native asset transfers. Previously, there has been no standard URI for NEO clients to consume. Bitcoin implements a URI standard so that clicking links or scanning QR codes can easily implement a Bitcoin payment. The NEP-9 standard aims to makes transacting in NEO or GAS just as simple.

The video demonstrates an example of creating a QR code to accept a GAS payment. The viewer is shown a demo tool that allows the user to enter details such as wallet address, asset type, total cost and description. Upon completion, a QR code is generated that adheres to the NEP-9 standard, and anyone can scan it to make a payment to the wallet address for the specified amount. This would be especially useful for merchants who would like to accept GAS payments.

The NEP-9 proposal is currently in the ‘accepted’ phase and waiting on the reference implementation. Once this is finalised it will be integrated into O3 as soon as possible.

The next step will be to expand on the proposal and move into generic smart contract URIs. This would allow users to click a button on a dApp which would automatically trigger a tool like NEO Link to interact with the blockchain.

The video can be found below. For more information on O3 Labs, you can visit o3.network.