On February 21, 2018 Effect.AI announced updates to their white paper and light paper, and a change in upcoming events. Effect.AI is a Dutch-based company that seeks to foster Artificial Intelligence (AI) development and AI related services.

Effect.AI is under development in three phases:

  1. Decentralized Mechanical-Turk (M-Turk), a market place for developers and businesses;
  2. Effect Smart Market, where AI-algorithm services can be bought and sold; and,
  3. Decentralized AI, a distributed computational platform to run deep learning frameworks.

The first revision of the Effect.AI whitepaper is now live, with editions made to the description of the Galaxy Pool, a discussion of the network’s reputation mechanism, application registry and endpoints in the underlying structure of the Effect Smart Market, and further information about each of the three phases.

The third version of the lightpaper discusses the same concepts as the whitepaper, but in a more visual and comprehensible format.

Members of the Effect.AI team recently attended the fourth annual Anarchopulco in Mexico, which is a meeting of thinkers, activists, blockchain enthusiasts, and principled anarchists. However, on the heels of the event in Mexico, the Effect.AI team regrets to inform they will not be in attendance at BlockDehli due to unforeseen personal circumstances.

In 2018, many of the phases of Effect.AI will launch from the testing to the MainNet, with plans to launch the third phase by early 2019. The roadmap for the AI-based blockchain is as follows:

  • March of 2018: Effect.AI token crowdsale
  • Q2 of 2018: creation of the Galaxy pool
  • Q2 of 2018: beta launch of Effect M-Turk
  • Q1 of 2019: the platform release of the Effect Smart Market

The token sale details are as follows:

  • Start date: March of 2018
  • End date: 18 days after the start
  • Hard cap: €14.2 million
  • Accepted currencies: NEO and GAS
  • Maximum tokens generated: 650,000,000 EFX

The Effect.AI team has developed an allocation model for EFX tokens, and will be distributed in the following manner:

  • 40% (260,000,000) for the public token sale,
  • 20% (130,000,000) for future token sale [locked by a smart contract for 18 months],
  • 16% (104,000,000) for platform incentives [Galaxy pool],
  • 15% (97,500,000) for the Effect.AI team [locked for 24 months via smart contract],
  • 7% (45,500,000) for partnerships and advisors, and
  • 2% (13,000,000) for bounties.

More information about Effect.AI can be found on their website, or on their Telegram, Facebook, TwitterRedditMediumLinkedInBitcoin Talk, or Github accounts.