From November 23rd through 25th, a NEO development challenge is taking place at Hack Junction in Helsinki, Finland. Hack Junction will be comprised of over 1,300 developers, designers, and technologists for a weekend of product development across a variety of tracks. NEO Global Development (NGD) is sending leadership to attend the hackathon, and two to four teachers/mentors will be available to offer support to the teams during the event.

There will be three blockchain platforms available for developers to build a project on top of NEO, Bytom, and Pchain. Each blockchain will have its own “challenge” or development theme for the hackathon. NEO’s theme is Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) voting, where participants will write smart contract(s) associated with voting on the blockchain, using NEP-5 standards.

NGD requests participants to be creative in their voting condition assumptions and to explore a variety of creative conditions that must be fulfilled to allow voting on the blockchain. For example, one such condition could be a “minimum number of tokens held in the voting contract and that they have been stored [in the smart contract] for a minimum amount of time.”

A particular “problem of interest” is the development of use cases that require finality in every block. If time allows, participants should aim to implement a solution (and conditions) for posting proposals to be voted on.

In addition to providing teachers/mentors, NGD will also host a workshop prior to the event, run a NEO TestNet for participants, and offer a dedicated Slack channel. To prepare for the event in advance, participants can visit the following link for resources:

User-submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Deployable and functional code
  • Achievement of challenge goal
  • Usability
  • Creativity
  • Any extra functionality that expands on the challenge

The top three teams will be rewarded in the following prize amounts:

  • First place: 700 GAS
  • Second place: 600 GAS
  • Third place: 500 GAS

Additionally, the overall winner of Hack Junction (not just the blockchain competitors) will be selected by the hackathon participants themselves. There are to be two forms of review: partner review and peer review. NEO will distribute their rewards as a part of the partner review process. The winning project will be selected by peer hackathon participants. To ensure fair voting, an algorithm will be implemented that “evaluates the trustworthiness of each judge, so there’s little room for cheating,” and the votes of trustworthy judges are weighed more heavily in the final tally.

Partners for the event include Facebook, Cisco, BlackRock, SuperCell, SAP, Nokia, Intel, Epic Games, and many more.

More information about Hack Junction can be found at the following link: