Neo Global Development (NGD) has announced it is postponing Neo DevCon 2020, citing concerns that stem from the current coronavirus epidemic. NGD had been using late-April 2020 as a tentative benchmark for the third annual developer conference, expected to take place in Europe.

Despite public safety concerns in China, NGD conveyed that all members of its staff are safe and remain unharmed from the effects of the epidemic. Further, the team is back at work, and operations are running as usual, following the recent Chinese New Year holiday. In its January 2020 monthly report, NGD said:

Although we have to delay some planned offline events such as the much anticipated Neo DevCon due to recent travel and visa restrictions, we are already working hard for a more exciting event which will showcase more progress on Neo3 and ecosystem projects.

Examples of current travel restrictions include the banning of Chinese citizens from entering countries, banning of citizens from specific countries from going to China, barring entry to individuals who’ve traveled to China within a particular time frame, or quarantining individuals who are returning from China for up to two weeks.

NGD states that they will release further updates about Neo DevCon 2020 as they become available.

The link to the Neo DevCon 2020 delay announcement can be found below: