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The new owners of the Narrative project have released an email update announcing the team has begun local testing of the codebase. The company is also conducting the second round of the name selection process, and provided an update on NRVE token exchange listings.

The email reports that the new team has setup the code, dependencies, and services in a local environment, which has allowed new co-owner, Zach (aka Banter), to get the Narrative platform up and running. Zach intends to become more familiar with the Narrative code and fix bugs that leadership has already identified.

A major initiative for the new owners of the Narrative project is a rebrand, with a focus on choosing a new name for the platform. The team recently distributed a survey to community members with proposed name changes and the ability to submit recommendations. The survey drew an 89% response rate and allowed the co-owers to whittle potential names for the platform to the following:


Finally, when the initial Narrative project had shut down, it was listed on two exchanges: Switcheo and Bilaxy.

Once the Narrative assets changed hands, Bilaxy informed the new ownership of its intent to delist NRVE. To keep the token on the platform, it would cost the equivalent of 2 BTC. Leadership has opted not to pay the listing fee, stating, “we have much more pressing things to spend our very limited resources on.” However, the team intends to keep negotiating with Bilaxy to see if they’ll “park the listing until volume resumes, rather than delisting it permanently.”

The NRVE token will remain listed on the Switcheo non-custodial exchange.

Visit the link below to join the new Narrative’s email list: