On June 4th, end-to-end software development kit NEO•ONE will continue its workshop series with its second event. The workshop series aims to walk attendees through the development process for a NEO-based dice dApp using NEO•ONE.

NEO•ONE aims to provide developers with an all-in-one development suite, reducing the barrier to entry for creating JavaScript or TypeScript applications for the NEO ecosystem.

The first workshop, hosted at the Seattle Public Library, was held on April 23rd and introduced participants to the NEO blockchain and smart contract development. Work also began on the development of a NEO dice contract, starting with deposit functionality.

The second workshop will pick up where the first event left off, with the addition of the house bet and reveal phases of the dice contract. Alex will also show how unit tests can be written for betting functionality. The workshop will run from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm (UTC – 7).

Spaces are limited, so interested individuals should register their interest on the Meetup announcement page.