Neo is collaborating with iNeuron to host HACK-A-Thon 5.0, an in-person event that begins on Saturday, July 23, 2022 in India. The hosts will give participants a problem statement that must be solved in 24 hours.

The event is taking place at the iNeuron office in Bengaluru, India, and there is no cost to register.

Participants will compete for the following prizes:

  • First Place: 200,000 rupees (approximately US $2,500 equivalent)
  • Second Place: 100,000 rupees (approximately $1,250 equivalent)
  • Third Place: 50,000 rupees (approximately $630 equivalent)
  • 200 NFTs ($2,000 equivalent) for participants

Though Neo is a sponsor, participants can submit projects built on any blockchain.

The hackathon is being held in association with Telusko. Founder Navin Reddy is hosting a series of blockchain development videos on his YouTube channel beginning July 11, 2022 and previously published a series of tutorials on getting started with Neo.

More information on the event can be found at the link: