The Mega Oasis NFT marketplace‘s series III and IV will feature the 16-piece Ilex Genesis NFT and Poleman Avatar collections. The launch date for the third and fourth series on Mega Oasis has not yet been announced but will be priced accordingly:

Series III (Genesis Series)

  • GENE of POLE, 5 NFTs at 36 NEO each
  • THE POLE BLOCK, 5 NFTs at 106 NEO each
  • META POLEMAN, 6 NFTs at 266 NEO each

Source: Ilex (Series III)

Series IV (Ilex Poleman Avatar)

  • 2,000 NFTs at 6 NEO each

Source: Ilex (Series IV)

Owners of the Genesis NFTs will share image copyrights with the Ilex team exclusively. Genesis NFT holders will also receive Polemen Avatar NFT airdrops. The team noted that more Avatar NFTs will be distributed to addresses with rare Genesis NFTs.

The Ilex team intends to integrate additional utilities such as sharing future cash flows from co-branding, exhibitions, and royalties related to the series. The team also seeks to establish a digital catalog of fashion items and create real-world wearable items from some of those designs.

More information can be found at the link below: