Neo Global Development has partnered with Draper University to provide selected Neo ecosystem projects with a five week blockchain entrepreneurship program. The Silicon Valley-based institution offers participants various learning and incubation opportunities.

Founded in 2012 by acclaimed investor and blockchain proponent Tim Draper, Draper University functions as a pre-accelerator and incubator. The partnership with Neo will primarily take the form of a new program running from July 18 to August 21, designed for new and existing N3 ecosystem projects.

Numerous projects were invited to participate in the program to gain the chance to learn from leading startup mentors and speakers on a wide range of topics related to startup development and investment preparation. After the program concludes, teams will present their projects to their program mentors and invited Venture Capital firms for further potential opportunities.

The project teams joining the program included Metaisland, Pumpkin Swap, Hacash.Diamond, Rentfuse, Humswap, Bowerbird, GhostMarket, Supernova, Blockchain Cuties, Ilex, GreenFinch, Neodao, Bamboo, neo-artistic, and ForTheWin.

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