NEO SPCC recently attended Chaos Construction 2019 as a Gold sponsor, where it operated a booth and gave a presentation on NEO and the team’s activities in the ecosystem. The team also ran two workshops that aimed to introduce participants to the NEO blockchain, and held a competition where participants had to program the logic for battle robots using smart contracts.

Chaos Construction is a non-profit computer art festival that has run annually for almost 25 years. The festival is traditionally held on the last weekend of summer in St. Petersburg, and was attended by over 1500 people. The 2019 event included a large developer conference, blockchain meetups, and workshops.

A True Cloud Platform

According to NEO SPCC, the team’s activities at the festival revolved around the theme of building a “true cloud platform,” recognizing the many centralized elements currently found in existing dApps.

The group outlined how it aims to solve this issue for the NEO ecosystem by allowing NeoFS to be used for contract data storage, and outlined its goals for a new project, NeoLambda, which aims to offload heavy computations from the blockchain and provide external communications through interop services and oracles.

When integrated into the existing NEO infrastructure, these services will work together as a true cloud platform, where all elements operate in a decentralized manner. According to the team, conference visitors responded positively to the concept, noting that it “appeared to be very good for audience understanding and illustrating how NEO ecosystem works.”

Battle Robots Competition

NEO SPCC hosted two workshops across two days, where developers could become familiar with the NEO blockchain, how to deploy a private network, and how to create a simple smart contract. Furthermore, a Battle Robots competition was held where participants were required to build the controlling logic into a contract.

NEO SPCC provided a master smart contract to control the tournament, which registered participants and created a tournament grid. The master contract invoked fights between the participants, with results being displayed in real-time. The competition winner was awarded NEO on the main stage during an award ceremony.