On Thursday, August 29th, Travala added NEO as a native payment option on its travel accommodation booking platform. As NEO is an indivisible coin, Travala will round the price of the purchase to the highest integer, and return AVA to the user to make up the difference. When purchasing with NEO, the website states:

Attention! The coin you have selected can only be accepted as payment with a whole number value. So we will round up the payment to a whole number and refund you back the difference in AVA. The refund will be done automatically directly to your Travala wallet.

To promote NEO as a new payment method, Travala is running a brief campaign where users receive 5% in cashback for purchases made using NEO. Rewards will be distributed in AVA tokens, and the campaign ends on Saturday, August 31st.

The promotional campaign rewards are also distributed in conjunction with “the standard giveback, referral, and SMART programs.” Travala’s SMART Program rewards users with discounts and AVA for making purchases while staking AVA tokens.

The full announcement can be found below: