Travala has released its fifth monthly report for 2019, which highlights recent progress in platform growth metrics, accommodation partnerships, and the outcome of its recent equity crowdfunding campaign. Additionally, the report includes the first snapshot of progress for its SMART discount and loyalty program.

Travala was conceived in late 2017 as a self-proclaimed Next-gen Online Travel Agency (NOTA). Its business plan claims that Travala “fundamentally changes the relationship between [the] consumer of the future and their travel shopping.”

Platform Growth and SMART Program Numbers

Travala continued to report month-over-month platform growth with increases in the following metrics:

  • Total number of nights booked: 597, 38.2% increase from April
  • Avg. room night value: $160, 34.5% increase from April
  • Total number of website visitors: 52,470, 13.7% increase from April

Reported top destinations for April include Thailand, United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Netherlands, Turkey, Australia, Colombia, France, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

Travala’s SMART program, which rewards users with discounts and AVA for making purchases while staking AVA tokens, saw a total of 1,038,500 AVA staked across 248 members in the following tiers:

  • (5,000 AVA staked) Level 5 – 183 members
  • (4,000 AVA) Level 4 – 15 members
  • (2,500 AVA) Level 3 – 15 members
  • (1,000 AVA) Level 2 – 17 members
  • (500 AVA) Level 1 – 18 members

Crowdsale and Partnerships

Travala launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on March 19th on the UK-based startup fundraising platform, Crowdcube, aiming to raise £250,000 from the public. Its crowdsale came to a close on May 1st with a total of £406,360 (162% of goal) raised from 505 investors.

Lastly, the project reported accommodation and designated travel partnerships with organizations as well as upcoming conferences. Accommodation partnerships include (Bitcoin Cash) and Litecoin Foundation, which led to Travala becoming the designated travel partner for the Litecoin Summit later this year. Conference travel partnerships include The Crypto Bit Bus, Crypto Compare Summit and the Bitcoin 2019 Conference.

The full report can be found at the link below: