TranslateMe has released a slew of posts and announcements to highlight progress and achievements made in May 2019. Last month, TranslateMe launched TranslateMe Docs, deployed updates to its Android applications, listed on portfolio tracking applications. and more.

New service launched

TranslateMe deployed a new Docs service on its website, which allows users to translate “documents, flyers, brochures, menus and much more.”

TranslateMe Docs allows users to host their documents online, enabling “instant translation services” via machine translation with support for many languages. Users can scan a QR code to be linked to an online document translated into their desired language.

An example of this service can be found via this ProBit article regarding TranslateMe. Users can toggle through the various languages supported in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Looking forward, TranslateMe Docs aims to compensate users via the TMN token for submitting data that improves the algorithm for machine translation and contributing computing power to the TranslateMe network.

Android app updates

The TranslateMe Android application received a handful of updates at the beginning of May.

Users are now able to participate in the rewards program via Android. Participants are rewarded for “correct[ing] small mistakes in machine translation, and assist[ing] in giving the most accurate translations possible.”

Developers added support for the Turkish language, as well as a new dual language feature for users or groups to communicate in different languages.

Portfolio app listings

On May 23rd, TranslateMe listed on the Delta application, which seeks to act as a direct link between token projects and investors.

On May 28th, TranslateMe was listed on the Blockfolio portfolio tracking application. Blockfolio offers “support for over 8,000 cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets across 300+ exchanges” claiming to provide “the latest prices, market data, team updates, and news.”

TranslateMe’s full monthly review can be found at following link: