Neo will host its second Neo Community Assembly in Hong Kong from Oct. 26 to 31. The news comes as Neo celebrates its seven-year MainNet anniversary, having first gone live on Oct. 17, 2016.

The NCA is a gathering of Neo’s sponsored communities for a week-long session of intensive discussions, planning, and team building. The event will be held in conjunction with the APAC Hackathon grand finale, where winners from regional GAS Stations held in Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangalore, Seoul, and Singapore will compete for over US $1 million in prizes and grants.

With the last NCA held in September 2019, the 2023 event marks the first time that all of Neo’s major development groups will gather in the same location since before the pandemic. The Neo Community Assembly will also provide a unique opportunity for groups to connect with Hong Kong’s Web3 ecosystem, and meet the developers behind new projects entering the Neo ecosystem through the APAC Hackathon.

Speaking on the NCA, NNT editor Dean Jeffs expressed enthusiasm for the event:

I’ve been to quite a few Neo and blockchain events over the better part of the last decade, and hands down the 2019 NCA was my favorite. Everyone who participated in that event left feeling energized, focused, and with a renewed sense of purpose and direction for Neo. Perhaps most importantly, we all walked away with a better understanding of how we can elevate each other as a community. I am very much looking forward to doing that again, especially with some of the new faces that will join this year. Hosting this year’s NCA in tandem with the APAC Hackathon grand finale in Hong Kong adds a whole other dimension to the experience. I expect we will all have a sense of ushering in new chapters together.

Da Hongfei, Neo founder and CEO of Neo Global Development, expressed thanks to everyone who has helped Neo reach its seven-year milestone, saying, “We take pride in being one of the earliest thriving layer-1 blockchains. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the contributors in the Neo ecosystem for their immense contributions that have shaped Neo into what it is today. We are enthusiastic about the next seven years and beyond, as we embrace the bright future of the Smart Economy. Neo will continue to provide support, and we hope to have you by our side on this journey to the future.”