COZ has released an update for Boa, its Python smart contract compiler. The v1.1.0 update is aimed at streamlining the developer experience and provides access to key Neo v3.6 features, such as tools for zero-knowledge proof verification.

Applications leveraging zero-knowledge proofs are supported through the inclusion of the CryptoLib native contract methods for BLS points, including:

  • Serialization and deserialization
  • Arithmetic (addition and multiplication)
  • Pairing
  • Equivalence checking

Two new opcodes have been introduced, ASSERTMSG and ABORTMSG, which give developers more context when debugging execution failures. A method for converting bytes to printable strings was also added.

General improvements include validation for the presence of a contract file before running TestRunner and the removal of an unnecessary requirement. The update also fixes two bugs, one adding NEP-11 standard validation for divisible assets and the other correcting value generation for imported variables that share an identifier with a local variable.

Users should also note that Boa v1.1.0 drops support for Python versions earlier than 3.10. The full changelog may be viewed at the link below: