AxLabs has updated Neow3j to align the toolkit with Neo v3.6. The significant v3.21.0 release incorporated support for the latest opcodes, native contract methods, and transaction attributes featured in the Neo upgrade. A subsequent update reintroduced the test framework.

Neow3j v3.21.0 was released shortly after the Neo MainNet upgrade. Included in the SDK is the new findstorage RPC method and improvements to the NeoToken native contract, such as an improved unclaimedGas function and support for the lastGasPerVote field in AccountState.

The devpack was enriched with the new ASSERTMSG and ABORTMSG opcodes, which can give context to a developer on the reason for an error. The BLS point methods added to the CryptoLib native contract have also been supported, and transactions may now be created with the NotValidBefore and Conflicts attributes.

Users should note several breaking changes in the SDK update. Multiple methods that previously used integers now accept BigInteger, among other modifications. A full list of changes may be found in the release notes.

The following v3.21.1 release restored the test framework, making devpack-test and test-tools compatible with Neo v3.6. This release enhanced support for Hash160, Hash256, and ECPoints in Storage and StorageMap. Furthermore, AxLabs has streamlined the Neow3j codebase by updating dependencies and eliminating redundant code.

Developers can get started using the Neow3j toolkit by visiting the documentation below: