General Updates

Neo celebrated its seventh MainNet anniversary, having first gone live on Oct. 17, 2016. To commemorate, Neo announced it is hosting its second Neo Community Assembly in Hong Kong from Oct. 26 to 31. The NCA gathers Neo’s sponsored communities for a week-long session of intensive discussions, planning, and team building. The event will be in conjunction with the APAC Hackathon grand finale, where winners from regional GAS Stations held in five cities will compete for over US $1 million in prizes and grants.

Neo Global Development opened registration for the Neo Era grand finale of the APAC Hackathon tour taking place Oct. 27 and 28 in Hong Kong. Additionally, NGD announced a slew of speakers that will present at the Neo Era grand finale, including:

The GrantShares proposal World of Elements was put to the vote and met the quorum for approval with six yes votes, one abstain, and one no. The Rust SDK for Neo proposal was put on-chain and is awaiting an endorsement. New proposals Neo Medical Diagnostics in the Ghetto and Decentralized Electronic Health Records on NeoFS (OpenEHR over the blockchain) were put forth for conversation.

Flamingo released FLUND statistics for Week 41 of 2023, noting approximately US $5.3 million in total value, $2.5 million in total minting rewards, and $465,000 in trading fee rewards. Flamingo also noted that 1 FLUND single-sided staking token now equals 2 FLM.

Developer Updates

AxLabs released neow3j v3.21.1, which incorporated support for the latest opcodes, native contract methods, and transaction attributes featured in the Neo v3.6 upgrade.

COZ released neo-boa v1.1.0, aimed at streamlining the developer experience and providing access to key Neo v3.6 features, such as tools for zero-knowledge proof verification. Additionally, COZ announced that Dora v2 is live and has 3x more speed and increased availability on Neon Wallet and dApps leveraging its API.

NNT Catch Up

Neo released an update to NeoChat that integrates ChatGPT 4.0 and a new NeoNS feature into the address-to-address instant chat application.


Oct. 27 – 28: Neo APAC Hackathon finale in Hong Kong.
Oct. 26 – 31: Neo Community Assembly in Hong Kong.
Oct. 30: Flamingo Finance Community Lagoon on the official Discord server.