On Friday, October 4th, NEO Global Development (NGD) is hosting a live webinar, which will begin at 7:00 pm (UTC +3) in St. Petersburg / midnight (UTC +8) in Shanghai. The Friday evening session will be delivered in English by Steven Liu, a NEO blockchain engineer at NGD Shanghai, but translated into Russian by NGD ecosystem growth manager, Denis Suslov.

The webinar will offer an introductory overview of NEO’s technical specifications, such as support for multiple languages, neo-gui, and neo-cli, along with available documentation. Then, Liu intends to describe the resources available in the NEO developer portal.

In a conversation with NEO News Today, Suslov noted that NGD was hosting the webinar in a strategic partnership with the St. Petersburg University and St. Petersburg BlockChain.

The NGD EcoGrowth team is currently discussing a potential NEO-based blockchain course for computer science students at the St. Petersburg University in the coming quarters. Additionally, NEO is co-hosting the webinar with St. Petersburg BlockChain to interact with non-student members of the local blockchain community. St. Petersburg BlockChain is the city’s largest blockchain group, with more than 1,200 individuals, that seeks to build a core community of blockchain industry members.

Source: NEO

To participate in the event, users will need to download and install Zoom. The link to the Zoom feed is:

There will be no cost to participate in the webinar.

The announcement of the event can be found at the link below: https://twitter.com/NEO_Blockchain/status/1178942817395265537?s=20