Medieval strategy game BLOCKLORDS issued its first content update for the NEO platform, adding new in-game functionality. The update saw the addition of a pricing update, an armory and a troop management tool, and a revamped hero profile. In addition, prices for creating characters, fighting battles, and listing items for sale have all been decreased.

Price Reductions

Shortly after the content update was released, the last of the 5,000 Gen 0 items were dropped and burned, leading the way for Gen-1 items to be released. To accompany the new generation, BLOCKLORDS has lowered its prices across the board, something the team claims it will do in each new generation.

The price reductions for Gen-1 are as follows:

  • Hero Creation: 3 -> 1 GAS
  • Bandit Battles: 0.5 -> 0.25 GAS
  • Stronghold Battles: 0.75 -> 0.5 GAS
  • City Sieges: 1 -> 0.75 GAS
  • Item Listing (8 hrs): 0.1 -> 0.01 GAS
  • Item Listing (12 hrs): 0.2 -> 0.05 GAS
  • Item Listing (24 hrs): 0.3 -> 0.1 GAS

Gen-0 items will be used as part of a planned forge mechanic, which will require players to burn Gen-0 items to receive newer ones, in addition to providing special bonuses when used in battle. This is hoped to encourage demand for older items and reward players that played the game whilst the action prices were higher.

Content Update

Hero Profile and Troops

Players can change their army setup from the updated hero profile.

The ability to alter the makeup of a hero’s army is another notable change in the update. Players will be able to select what percentage of their army to allocate as infantry, archers, or cavalry. Changing these numbers will affect the outcome of battles, based on the army setups selected by the two combatants.


The armory is used to boost the stats of a player’s troops; adding unused armor items to the armory will provide the hero with armory points. The more points are acquired through deposited items, the greater the bonuses received by troops.

These bonuses will also level up troops, bringing with them in-battle buffs in the form of skills. Alongside an updated battle formula, these changes aim to make battles more competitive and offer players with more strategic gameplay.

Full details of the game update can be found at the below link: