TranslateMe, a translation service using the NEO blockchain, has announced it will launch the first iOS version of its Telegram Translation Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The team also announced an update to its Android version of the application.

TranslateMe is an instant translation service that seeks to benefits end-users and services providers with its “blockchain-based, hybrid AI algorithm.” The project offers an end-point API that can integrate into websites and applications, and claims its services can offer its customers a cost savings “of up to 90%” on retail translation services.

In addition to its in-app services, TranslateMe also offers a web-based platform called “Docs,” that allows users to upload and translate documents, flyers, brochures, and menus.

In April, TranslateMe listed its Telegram Translation MVP for Android in the GooglePlay store. The initial Android version of the Telegram Translation MVP offered a rewards program, new language support, and a dual language feature. The dual language feature enables communication between any combination of two languages supported by the application.

Mobile Telegram Translation app updates

On October 2nd, the Telegram Translation MVP Android v5.1.5 launched on the Google Play Store. The updates included improvements to translation efficiency, an option for manual translation, and now provides each new account with 100,000 credits for translation services.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, the Android v5.1.5 update also includes added language support for Indonesian and Hebrew. At the time of press, the application supports 21 languages.

TranslateMe has stated that version 1.0 of its Telegram Translation app for iOS is tentatively scheduled for release in the coming week.

Looking forward

The TranslateMe team aims to update the application in two weeks to include a new promotion mechanic that will credit users one TMN token per message sent on the platform.

Further, the team states, “we will market this feature as an exclusive offer for NEO Telegram groups and NEP-5 groups.”

The full announcement can be found below: