TranslateMe, a translation service using the NEO blockchain, has announced a handful of updates to its Android application and app plugin for Telegram. Additionally, a ten-day community treasure hunt has concluded.

The TranslateMe Android application was listed on Google Play on April 23rd, 2019. According to Ryan Lloyd, CEO of TranslateMe, the Android app now has more than “20,000 users with over 100 new users a day.”

In the Reddit announcement, TranslateMe highlights an update to its rewards program, new language support, and a “dual language feature.”

The reward program offers TMN tokens to users of the TranslateMe app in pursuit of testing data, and also rewards users for submitting translation corrections. In response to a Redditor, TranslateMe stated “the data we collect from users actually teaches the algorithm to improve specifically where it has failed in a particular language.” Therefore, the reward program now incentivizes users to “correct small mistakes in machine translation and assist in giving the most accurate translations possible.”

TranslateMe has added Turkish to a growing list of sixteen supported languages on the application. Other languages supported include English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Catalan, and French.

Lastly, a new “dual language” feature has been added, which allows for communication between any combination of two languages supported by the application. In a Telegram message, CEO Ryan Lloyd stated, “this bridges the gap between a normal telegram user and a user of our special telegram application. This means you won’t require both parties to have our application installed.”

Treasure Hunt

On Thursday, May 2nd, TranslateMe announced the conclusion of its ten-day treasure hunt campaign. The team stated, “the Treasure Hunt is officially closed. The code has been cracked, and we will be releasing more info on that soon!”

The bounty reward included:

  • 1,000,000 TMN
  • 100 NEO
  • 10,000 LX
  • 1,000 AVA
  • 2,500 SOUL

Looking Forward

TranslateMe aims to grow its Social Ambassador program, which rewards participants for various tasks via “Proof of Participation.”

The team aims to build a mining facility that will “serve as a testing phase of [TranslateMe’s] Linux based network.” This network is what will “distribute computing power needed to train language models and serve requests for machine translation.” Lloyd anticipates a May 2019 release of an MVP.

The iOS TranslateMe application is tentatively scheduled for launch in May 2019.

Lastly, the team is aiming for a May alpha release of its freelancer marketplace, a service that allows for “companies to quickly translate docs with machine learning [or] have the option to push docs to human translators.”