Ontology will hold its first community meetup on Thursday, May 17th in London, England. Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, will be providing an extensive talk on the Ontology technical ecosystem.

Topics of the talk are likely to include: Ontology as a high-performance public multi-chain project, a distributed trust platform, distributed ledger and smart contract systems, collaboration among chain networks and various protocol groups, distributed digital identity framework, and distributed data exchange protocol.

The event is free to attend and will be held at Tech City College from 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

Click here to register for the event.

Open Source Code Release

Ontology recently released the source code of their public blockchain infrastructure on GitHub. The source code contains a complete distributed ledger system, P2P network protocol, a modular consensus protocol set, a modular smart contract mechanism, and more. The team also released an open letter that highlights Ontology’s vision and future strategic direction.

Ontology also launched SmartX, which is a smart contract integrated development environment (IDE). An IDE typically features a source code editor, build tools, and a debugger. Ontology envisions SmartX as a GitHub-like platform for distributed code hosting.

Partnerships and Parliament

Within the past month, Ontology has announced official partnerships with four venture capital firms to form the “Co-Builder Plan”; three companies to help build and govern the industry ecosystem, with a focus on business applications; and, with NAGA Group AG, a public FinTech company building a platform that integrates with the financial markets and cryptocurrencies.

Ontology was among a handful of NEO projects that participated with the Smart Economy Expo visit to European Parliament held in Brussels, Belgium. The visit helped participants to better understand the fundamental elements of the smart economy and how it differs from current solutions.

More information about Ontology can be found in the links below.