Parsec Frontiers, a blockchain-based space exploration game has announced its dual token structure using Ethereum and the NEO blockchain. Parsec will base its PRSC token on the Ethereum standard for its crowdsale process and to ease the act of trading on external exchanges, while its infrastructure and PRSC assets will be based on NEO.

Parsec Frontiers is an MMO where players are free to explore and conquer a virtual galaxy. The game features a persistent game universe and player driven economy, powered by blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and fairness of all in-game actions. The economy is fuelled by players mining and finding rare materials that are scattered throughout the universe. In addition to accumulating wealth, players can also build advanced starships, implement defense systems, and trade resources for profit on planetary exchanges.

Parsec Frontiers will hold a token sale event on May 15th, 14:00 UTC. Participants can register for the crowdsale using the link here.

As part of Parsec’s announcement, the team identified the key reasons why they chose to use NEO over other blockchain standards, including their desire to use delegated PoS with Byzantine consensus (dBFT). This created a choice between NEO and EOS. Ultimately, the team settled on NEO because “[NEO] is currently more mature and industry-ready.” NEO’s dBFT is also high performance and can be scaled to reach thousands of transactions per second, an important feature for an MMO with thousands of players using the platform at the same time. The consensus algorithm’s decentralized block ordering and a limited number of bookkeepers to finalize transactions were also cited as major reasons.

In addition to NEO’s consensus model, another key reason was that NEO’s smart contract functionality supports common languages like C# and Java. Parsec intends for users to create their own smart contracts for in-game features in conjunction with a diagram-based solution they are working on. Also, NEO has native Windows support, and MIT licenced C# code that Parsec’s team is familiar with. This code will let its developers shape and mould the platform to their liking.

Overall, Parsec Frontiers is launching a game with digital assets using digital identity management, which is mirrored by NEO’s vision of creating a Smart Economy for the future. The team felt that given the technical and governing standards between NEO and Parsec, that the two platforms were a match based on their platform’s philosophy.

You can read the full breakdown of Parsec’s announcement here.