Polychain Monsters co-founder Sebastian Gronewold joined the Neo Live AMA series to discuss the integration of Neo N3 with the character collection and battle game. Ten participants shared from a rewards pool of 10 Neosphere Pioneers NFTs

Polychain Monsters is a cross-blockchain, play-to-earn game based on NFT collectibles incorporating DeFi elements. Polychain Monsters offers collectible, animated character NFTs, each with random attributes that differ in rarity. Users can collect Polychain Monster NFTs by purchasing digital booster packs.

During the AMA, Gronewold addressed several topics. He discussed the recent launch of booster packs on Neo and explained why they selected this blockchain. He also spoke on hidden utility of the booster packs, shared insights on how players can utilize their NFTs within the Polychain Islands game, and offered a preview of what the gameplay will be like in the future.

The full transcript is below.

John Ricci (Neo Telegram Admin): Hello Sebastian! Can you please introduce yourself to the chat and share a quick overview about Polychain Monsters?

Sebastian Gronewold (Polychain Monsters co-founder): I’m Sebastian, one of the Co-Founders of Polychain Monsters. I’m also a software developer and an NFT collector myself!

Let’s keep the description for Polymon short and simple: Polychain Monsters is an enchanting cross-chain realm pulsing with dynamic, gamified collectibles – fueled by PMON.

Q1: What is the Polychain Monsters team building on the Neo blockchain?

Sebastian: Polychain Monsters recently launched a limited number of booster packs on Neo. Each booster pack functions as a blind box and includes a high-quality 3D collectible, namely a Polychain Monsters NFT.

Q2: Why did Polychain Monsters decide to build on Neo?

Sebastian: As the name implies, Polychain Monsters revolves around collecting NFTs across various blockchain networks. The primary objective is to onboard as many community members as possible into the Polychain Monsters ecosystem and educate them about the functionalities of different chains.

Given Neo’s established community and user-friendly development environment, it was an obvious choice for our ecosystem.

Q3: Where can we buy the Polychain Monsters Neo booster packs?

Sebastian: Users can purchase the Neo booster packs by visiting our website and navigating to the “Collect” section, specifically the “Booster Packs” section. Each pack is available at a fair price of 3 GAS. At present, we support the Neon Wallet, and we are actively working to add support for the NeoLine Wallet as well.

Q4: When will the Neo booster packs be available?

Sebastian: The packs are available already! However, they are unrevealed. We do not have a specific date for the reveal yet, so we encourage everyone to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community for updates and further information.

Rest assured, the upcoming reveal promises to be an exciting event, as the monsters will offer unique in-game utility and bring additional excitement to the experience.

Q5: What does the In-game utility look like?

Sebastian: All Neo monsters will be fully playable in our battle game, Polychain Islands. Players can assemble a team consisting solely of Neo monsters or create combinations with monsters from other blockchain networks.

Our objective is to organize special Neo tournaments exclusively for collectors on the Neo chain, allowing them to engage in thrilling battles and compete for exciting rewards.

Q6: When can players use Neo Polymon in the Polychain Islands game?

Sebastian: As soon as all Neo boosters sell out, we will reveal the Neo monsters and make them playable in our game! Depending on technical progress over the next few weeks, we might even reveal some earlier. But in general, yes, the goal is that you’ll be able to play with them.

Q7: Are there plans for a PMON cross-chain token bridge to Neo?

Sebastian: Not yet. We mainly focus on having the NFTs on Neo first. It would be cool to have PMON on Neo in the future.

Q8: Could you elaborate on the gameplay mechanics and adventures players can experience in Polychain Monsters?

Sebastian: Our game, Polychain Islands, is focused on battles between monsters. Users assemble a team of two monsters and then match against other players who are currently online. We are running tournaments where people with the most wins can earn rewards and obtain prizes!

We also have binder battles, which allow you to manage your entire collection of monsters and level up your score on the global collector leaderboard.

Q9: What type of game modes does Polychain Monsters offer, and what are the incentives strategies?

Sebastian: Currently, the focus is on PvP. We might have a different mode in the future. We are running tournaments with prices to incentivize players. We will also launch a tournament for Neo monsters soon, so grab some Neo packs before then!

Q10: Do users need Polychain Monster NFTs to play the game? 

Sebastian: You need two Polymon NFTs to play our game. For the upcoming tournament for Neo monsters you’ll need at least one Neo monster, but you can also play with two Neo monsters of course.

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