TOTHEMOON is heralding the arrival of its second Comet Drop. A series of daily auctions will be held between Aug. 2-11, offering a total of 200 unique “Moon Duo” NFTs. Each auction commences at 5:00 p.m. (UTC) and concludes after 24 hours.

The Moon Duo NFTs available during this event feature a larger number of personality traits and higher point totals compared to the previous offerings. Each Moon Duo Point contained within these NFTs can be used as both Moon Points and Cryptonaut Points, enabling users to advance their characters more rapidly or earn the respect of other Moon Creatures and Moon Babies within the TTM Universe.

The auction schedule for the Moon Duo NFTs is as follows:

  • Aug 2-5: 20 Moon Baby x Moon Creature NFTs per day
  • Aug 6-9: 20 Moon Trainer x Moon Creature NFTs per day
  • Aug 10-11: 20 Moon Creature x Moon Creature NFTs per day

Bidding for the auctions will be conducted using TTM tokens. Each bid on a Moon Duo NFT requires a reserve price of 5,000 TTM, plus the additional TTM the user wishes to bid. In the event that a user is outbid, the TTM will be returned to the original bidder’s wallet.

Additionally, if a bid is placed within the last 10 minutes of an auction, the timer will reset to 10 minutes remaining, ensuring fair participation for all bidders. Users interested in acquiring the new NFTs are invited to visit the Auctions section of the marketplace on the TOTHEMOON website.

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